Cloud-Based Data Intelligence

DataWorkbench is a cloud-based data intelligence platform that enables data leaders to systematically organize, collaborate, and drive tangible business impact through end user engagement for all of their data dependent initiatives.

Define Your Data

Define existing data in your organization with ease. By simply mapping business terms to technical terms, your enterprise data will be easily understood across the globe. Never again will you have to worry about what your data means.

Build A Centralized Data Repository

Finding what you need has never been easier. Easily create, store, and find key data elements without digging through spreadsheets, siloed systems, or legacy software. Employees will always know where to go for their data.

Drive Social Collaboration

Encourage all of your employees to engage with your organization’s data. Employees can submit their data requests while providing commentary, asking questions, rating data accuracy, and scoring the usability of data elements.

Create Enterprise-Wide Business Cases

Employees can write, submit, and document business use cases for their data to help your organization understand your employee’s current and future data needs. With this increase transparency, you can align people, resources, and processes like never before, while making a tangible business impact.

Transform Your Organizational Data

With real-time data insights and tracking, you’ll always know where your organization stands on it’s way towards data transformation. Our data scoring system tracks data across people, processes, and technology functions for comprehensive benchmarking and insights.

Streamline Efficiencies & Increase Productivity

With robust search functionality, a centralized knowledge repository collaboration tools, and shared use cases, you’ll incorporate easy processes that drive real results.