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Organizations We Have Helped

We pride ourselves on driving tangible business value out of data for our clients. Whether it's starting with you on the ground floor, or jumping into the deep end of your initiative we help clients through developing and honing meaningful data strategies with business impact, along with the implementation of forward thinking data products & data analytics solutions.

Innovative Insurance Brokerage

Our client was facing issues with scale and innovation. They had a core business that was growing and a team of key players but sought incremental growth opportunities.

Seeing a need to drive innovation and technology enabled scale within their services business. Our client set out to build a data-driven platform to automate and align all parties involved in their process to a common platform.

Client built and designed data centric platform and began the process of taking to market with their existing customer base.

World's Largest Brewer of Beer

When it came to data strategy, management, and execution, our client was looking for a second set of eyes. Although the client was aware of the problem, they couldn’t close the gap with technology alone. They lacked an actionable playbook and strategy to operationalize their data ambitions.

Build out executive level playbook to address data opportunities and risks, while aligning to organizational data governance committee to drive forward cross-functional data initiatives.

Data silos were broken down leading to operational changes in enhancing business systems and requesting reports. Projects came with significant P&L impact driving incremental inertia into their data strategy plan.

Technology Enabled Services Firm

With disparate data sources for operational, financial, and customer data, all with different structures and content, executives, team leaders and individual contributors were all operating on different systems and completely misaligned.

Our goal was to ensure we developed a customized, unique solution to improve their services, business intelligence, and their value for internal and external customers.

After taking the time to understand the core data problems of the client beneath the technology and developing the customized solutions to meet their complex challenges, they began to notice results. As a result of our partnership, they saw improved information access, streamlined reporting and an increase in the overall quality of the data of the organization.

Largest US-based Beauty Retailer

Our client was working to offset the risks associated with CCPA & GDPR by documenting and storing all organizational knowledge.

Design business oriented data definitions and map to data in physical systems.

Single repository for all data definitions along with accompanying playbook to drive greater engagement.

What Our Customer's Internal Stakeholders Really Care About

Every company has data. Not every company has a Chief Data Officer. Data oftentimes is a part time job for many. We oftentimes see this manifest differently depending on the role we're working with. You are heard, and we want to hear from you!

Executive Leaders

Drive Competitive Advantage With Data

Allow your data to give you the brilliant insights to need to get ahead of the competition. How you handle your daily operations to your marketing efforts – every piece of data gives you the ultimate competitive advantage.

Clear Organizational Data Strategy

As an executive leader, it’s all about the big picture. Your data strategy must be consistent across the organization to ensure every department is aligned, working towards the same goal and accessing unified data.

Capture Real Data Opportunities

All to often do projects get escalated with high costs and purposeless urgency. "Didn't we just do something like this?" Cut through the noise, get to the facts.

Integrate Data into Every Part of Customer Journey

As you put yourself in your customers’ shoes, how is their experience? Are you sending them outdated, stale, and clunky information without personalization or relevance? Can they consume your data in new or interesting ways?

Direct Data Revenue Attribution

Your data can provide deep insights to better understanding your current and unseen future streams of revenue.

Data Leaders

Culivate Single Source of Truth

Aside from it being incredibly inefficient, sifting through multiple datasets trying to uncover which data is accurate, real, and true causes confusion and frustration, with the potential to have serious internal and external consequences.

Drive Business Ownership of Data

The question is simple – who owns your data? If you don't know, it's probably you. This is a problem.

Improve Data Governance

How you organize your data is much more than just a classification system – it’s the ability to provide quick, timely across to make for happier customers, leaders and fellow colleagues.

Have Exceptional Data Quality

Every piece of data you collect starts to tell a story. Perhaps it’s about a customer’s unique preferences, or maybe it’s related to product performance.

Minimize Data Related Redundancy

How many tools, teams and databases contain or process the same information for the same customer?

Business Leaders

Have Powerful Business Insights

As you uncover each piece of information and patterns emerge, it starts to tell a story. Every department has the ability to rapidly transform and innovate – and it begins with the intelligence and analysis of your data.

Increased Team Efficiency

Instead of having haphazard departmental analyses throughout your organization, take ownership for the data you truly need and want.

Data Availability and Transparency

Each company has their own objectives and key results for success – and they often require multiple datasets to get there. This will help to create a culture where data-informed decision making is the norm.

Better User Experience

Depending on the specific function of your department, it’s all about the user experience (both internal and external). To keep your employees and retain your clients, you must think about offering the best user experience possible – starting with your data.

Remove Perceived Roadblocks

As a department leader,it can feel incredibly burdensome to get even the simplest of tasks done. From sending out a marketing email to generating a customer report, sometimes what seems like it should take a few minutes turns into a few months.

Dozens of customers have trusted us to identify and capture millions of dollars of waste due to poorly managed data.

Anheuser Busch InBev Kraft-Heinz Accurate Background ThoughtSpot Keller Lenkner SJV Data Solutions Ulta Beauty Williams Lea M&A Insurance Solutions

Williams Lea

Williams Lea Drives $2.5M in productivity improvement with data.


Williams Lea spent significant time on each client providing data & reportable metrics. The problem was that in their customer surveys, clients lauded them for their role as a trusted advisor, but would view them as being less than innovative on monthly and quarterly report delivery.


Identified 20-40% in lost productivity (~$2.5M) due to data and reporting inefficiencies, of which $500k in EBITDA improvement was committed to the deal book. This directly translated to a $5M+ improvement in enterprise value assuming a 10x valuation multiple on EBITDA. Once the root cause was identified, we helped them implement a solution and repeatable processes to realize current and capture future benefits.

Time Frame

12 Months

XenoDATA gave us an incredible data road map to solve our most complex, global data issues. In a world riddled with buzzwords, they helped us understand what our organization had to do to achieve full data transformation and ensured organizational buy-in by tying their recommendations back to true business value.

Nick Morgan

Global Head of Technology

Williams Lea


Williams Lea is the leading global provider of business-critical support services to financial, legal and professional services firms around the world, and a privately held Advent International portfolio company. The CEO knew they were having some friction on their operating model with data & reporting but couldn’t put their finger on the root cause.

To clients, there was a feeling of dealing with a technological laggard, to employees it was frustrating, and to executive management, something didn’t seem right. After completing XenoDATA’s™ road mapping program, Williams Lea identified they were losing almost a third of their client operations team’s time due to data & reporting related work. Furthermore, because of XenoDATA’s™ process, they were able to pinpoint exactly where in their data the problems were coming from.

In response, and with our direct guidance, they invested in a modern reporting & analytics initiative as a beachhead use case, easily clearing the ground of inadequate or antiquated systems and building a scalable data organization. Their final modern cost-effective solutions, and appropriate processes developed by following our clear and effective methodology will eliminate waste and solve a clear business issue that will generate real EBITDA uplift (and 10x that in enterprise value...).

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Anheuser Busch InBev People Team Saved $2M in Data Related Work


The Anheuser-Busch InBev People team was spending considerable time talking about poor data quality, yet data quality scorecards showed a 99%+ accuracy of people data. People were frustrated, didn't know what to do and fingers were being pointed from function to function.


Identified $2M in lost productivity on the People team due to data quality challenges alone. Brought structure and organization to a seemingly impossible problem. Empowered a champion to own and run the initiative after completion.

Time Frame

4 Months

By implementing a true data governance team, Anheuser-Busch InBev was able to fix quality and data access functions to ensure more data accuracy and consistency across their offices.

Rodrigo Sabato

Global Director People Projects

Anheuser Busch InBev


There was a lack of structure, process, and governance managing the People (Human Resource) data at the organization. Globally, most of the team felt that the data quality and access within the organization was poor, causing many complaints from the team. Specifically, the team had a large gap between how they spoke about data and how they measured data. Additionally, the business had different global standards, data definitions, access, and engagement levels throughout the organization, leading to mistakes and confusion. At one point, an entire department was deleted from their HR system due to an amount of flexibility the system needed to support complex, competing requirements. It was determined that these data-related issues were causing a business waste of $2 million per year in lost productivity of front-line data workers, if not more.

The solution began by stepping away from technology, in the beginning, and looking at their current data strategy and solutions architecture through a data audit. By making financial use cases to executive sponsors, the organization was able to get organic buy-in to proceed. The data audit provided a roadmap of items that needed to be completed on their path to digital transformation, including a metadata repository and a governance/ advisory committee. The new metadata repository helped improve the metric for data quality and clarity around what data meant and to whom while streamlining efficiencies. The team established KPIs to measure against that reflected universal business conventions, which helped them understand and correct their problems. XenoDATA™ also standardized business terms within their business data glossary and mapped them to the appropriate fields within their data dictionary.

Anheuser-Busch InBev gained a lot of clarity, confidence, and value from their new data quality scorecards and metadata repository. They went from having no strategy to a clearly defined, well-executed plan that was easy to understand. The metadata repository ensured that the organization was speaking the same language across the globe and could be easily understood by both technologists and business leaders alike. By implementing a true data governance team, they were able to fix quality and data access functions to ensure more data accuracy and consistency across their offices. It was estimated that they saved $2MM in data-related work from the results of this project.

M&A Insurance Solutions

M&A Insurance Solutions Builds Real-Time Data Delivery Platform


M&A Insurance Solutions was spending considerable time collaborating with the various parties within the reps and warranties insurance placement process and was looking to build something disruptive for their industry.


As a result of the work with XenoDATA&trade, R&W Insurance Solutions was able to reduce the average deal time from 10 to 4 days. All parties from brokers to insurers and to clients and lawyers, now have full transparency and visibility into one single platform, architected by XenoDATA™, for enhanced consistency and real-time status updates.

Time Frame

3 Months

XenoData’s ability to understand business concepts, and the strategic leverage behind them, quickly helped us translate a complex, manual problem to a useable, workable technology delivery platform. They understand what it is you’re talking about, what it is you’re trying to solve, and asked all of the right questions to drive measurable business results for us and our clients.

Kirk Sanderson

Managing Partner

M&A Insurance Solutions


M&A Insurance Solutions identified the market as a whole was struggling to manage a silo-ed, unclear, and inefficient process during this high- stakes M&A insurance brokering process. The brokerage process for M&A insurance deals, typically a 10-day process, averages 250+ emails per transaction with 20+ steps between the clients, brokers, lawyers, and insurers. At any given time, one broker could be working on 10-15 deals and managing more than 3,500+ emails. Data was all over the place and too complicated to manage, leading to inefficient business processes and logistical nightmares between all parties. It’s quite common for clients and insurers to never speak with brokers directing all communications, yet the process must continue, quickly, before closing a deal. Because all steps of the RWI process were being managed through email, there was little transparency between all parties, frequent delays in information gathering, lost productivity, and struggles to provide real-time updates on current project statuses.

XenoDATA™ conducted a deep dive analysis into existing market processes and data architecture to determine the best process to manage the flow of data throughout a deal. The engagement involved developing a new strategy and plan to create a seamless and efficient process that could be collectively tracked by clients, brokers, lawyers, and insurers. The goal was to help everyone in the process through stronger transparency, data management, and work flows by making sense of various points of data required to complete the full underwriting process. The result was not only a revision of their data strategy and process, but a product to help them manage multiple deals at one time. The strategy from this project went on to build this product: The RW Exchange. The RW Exchange (RWX) is a real-time delivery platform that brings all stakeholders of the RWI work stream together to facilitate a more efficient and transparent process. By breaking down this seemingly complex work- stream into standard stages and adding the appropriate transparency, RWX allows the RWI process to be proactively managed by all parties (clients, lawyers, insurers and brokers), eliminating the full reliance upon intermediaries. RWX provides a single source of record to ensure these parties are working from the same playbook, thereby reducing potential delays and miscommunications.

View the full solution at

As a result of the work with XenoDATA™, R&W Insurance Solutions was able to reduce the average deal time from 10 to 4 days. All parties from brokers to insurers and to clients and lawyers, now have full transparency and visibility into one single platform, architected by XenoDATA™, for enhanced consistency and real-time status updates. As a result of the data strategy and architecture work by XenoDATA™, M&A Insurance Solutions built and launched The RW Exchange, to focus exclusively on the problems for the major players in the industry. This product can now be licensed by others within the insurance industry dealing with complex data problems impacting timelines and deliverables.

Leadership Team

Taylor Culver

Founder & Principal Consultant

Taylor Culver has spent the past 10 years developing an expertise in leveraging data across the enterprise. Across multiple successful projects across multiple industries, Taylor has lead successful strategic intiatives and has implemented technologies that have solved critical operational, financial, and client issues while raising the bar for organizational strategy and managing data as a strategic asset.

Advisory Board

XenoDATA™ is proud to bring in house advice that spans multiple domains and industries, all unified by a passion for solving organizational issues with data.

Ozel Christo

CEO & Founder of Neokami

Experienced entrepreneur and computer scientist. Prior to founding Neokami, studied Computational Science and Engineering at the Technical University of Munich and worked as a machine learning software developer at several start-ups. Ozel has 17 years of algorithm design, coding and implementation experience.

Reuben Vandeventer

CEO & Founder of Data Clairvoyance

Mr. Vandeventer has been driving progress and helping to shape the data space for more than a decade, across many industries including Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Asset Management. His background in science, statistics and finance has created a robust foundation to create real economic value for organizations in new and innovative ways.

Deborah Himsel

President Himsel & Associates

Deborrah M. Himsel is a recognized expert in leadership development, a change agent, a thought leader, an author, an educator and executive coach…a sought-after speaker for conferences and workshops.

William D. Gilbride, Jr.

Managing Shareholder and CEO at Abbott Nicholson

Bill has over 30 years of experience representing business interests in contracts, business and corporate law, dispute avoidance and resolution, real estate, zoning and land use law. Bill has been approved as outside counsel for Ascension Health; Amazon; Kettering University; Northern Trust Bank; Rockwell Automation; SmithGroupJJR; St John Providence Health System; and US Bank.

David G. Trimm

Chief Information Officer at The Wendy's Company

Mr. Trimm joined The Wendy’s Company in July, 2015 as the Chief Information Officer. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Trimm worked for The Hertz Corporation from 2001 to 2015 where he was Executive VP and CIO as well working in a variety of technology, marketing and operations leadership roles on both sides of the Atlantic.

Mark Sharland

Global Technology Leader at Amazon

CIO / CTO with significant experience and a strong track record of developing solutions, defining strategy, building effective teams and supporting mission critical systems, predominantly in Financial Services.

Kyle Scott

Vice President, Finance at HercRentals

Current Vice President of Finance and former CFO of Hertz Europe, Kyle is a leader in driving sales and operational results with data.